The SiteSell Value Exchange

You need links. Not just any links, but high-quality, relevant ones. Why?

Because search engines use links (and other "off-page" criteria) to help decide how relevant your site is for your most important keywords. But not just any old link will do... the more relevant and higher in value, the better.

That's why we call this the SiteSell Value Exchange (SVE) -- your eye must always be on value, and on value-for-value exchanges only. The SVE is a unique service that encourages and facilitates the exchanging of valuable business- and traffic-building connections between high quality, similarly themed sites.

Until now, there have always been two big drawbacks to building a solid Value Exchange program...

1) True, relevant value exchanging has been a tedious, back-breaking, low yield exercise.

2) Spammy automation underlies products that speed up the process, but almost all of these programs do more damage than good.

SVE eliminates both problems. It can never get you into trouble with a search engine because... we (SiteSell) simply put you together with a small number of other quality sites and then we stay out of the process.

SVE merely accelerates what happens (tediously) in "the real world."

The SiteSell Value Exchange is the simplest, fastest, most efficient, and (most importantly) most REAL way of exchanging value for value. It's a true use of the Web, the way that search engines want it -- relevant sites linking to relevant sites only. For that reason, it's also the most effective process... and it's free.

Two Special Tips

Tip #1

If you do not have a quality, theme-based site, one that you yourself would gladly link to, don't bother registering for the SVE.

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Bad sites are removed. What's a bad site? A site that...

  • has very little content, or low-value content
  • has too many low-value links (i.e., link farms or banner farms, "free-for-all" links, tons of affiliate links)
  • is a dead site (i.e., not available)
  • promotes hate, spam, libel, or offensive or illegal activity
  • provides an incorrect email address in the form below.

If this fits you, don't bother registering your site. No one will exchange with you and we'll delete your site from the exchange. Sorry to be blunt, but there's no room in this exchange for bad sites.

Also, your site should focus on a theme and not be of a "general interest" kind of nature. SVE finds other sites that have registered with subject matter that is related to yours. This pre-acceptance by a similarly niched site is part of the great acceleration of the SVE process!

No need to chase hundreds of sites that do not want to exchange with you. No need to beg. And you, in turn, will only receive letters from good, relevant sites, too.

In other words, SiteSell Value Exchange opportunities welcome your inquiries. They (quality matches) even come to you!

Tip #2

Building a link program is only a very small part of search engine optimization (SEO). And SEO is only a fraction of what's involved in building a successful online business.

Traditional "SEO" itself has a dubious future. Search engines are constantly refining their algorithms that evaluate on-page and countless off-page criteria (linking is just one of many off-page criteria). The complexity and sophistication of the engines increase monthly.

The marketplace offers a near-endless, confusing array of linking information, strategies and complicated tools, all geared towards helping you manipulate search engines in order to improve page ranking and attract traffic to your business.

But SEO manipulation does not work.

Adapt to that coming new reality today...

Register for the SiteSell Value Exchange by filling in the short form below. Your registration accomplishes two self-validating tasks at the same time...

  1. It registers your site as one that is willing to exchange value with other sites that have a similar theme/topic content. (The engines weight the value of a link less heavily if the linking site is not of a similar nature to yours -- so why bother with any other kind of site?)

  2. It simultaneously searches for similar sites, ones with topical content that relates to yours.

The two simultaneous tasks self-validate by eliminating the non-serious, the selfish, and the low-value sites. The outcome of "search-and-be-searched" means only high-value, relevant exchanges result... all under your control.

All we do is put the two of you together, at no charge. After that, we step back and you communicate with each other, deciding if and where to place your links to each other.

Simple concept. Excellent results. Free.

Of course, we're hoping that you'll see the merit of using SBI! to manage more than just this part of your value exchanging (the full Value Exchange for SBI! owners features management tools, automation and the cutting edge GoGetIt bot that combine to push Value Exchanging where no one else goes... all of it honest, real and powerfully effective)...

And we're hoping you'll consider that SBI! does much, much more than deliver its comprehensive set of value-exchange tools and automation. After all, SBI! has over 80 modules and sub-modules (a sub-module is a small piece of functionality, like the one on this page).

Many of these modules work automatically in the background, without you even having to lift a finger. For example...

  • sub-modules that constantly work to build your traffic (spider-tracking, index-listing, rank-reporting, sitemap-updating)
  • link-building and monitoring modules (one even finds new links to you and submits them to the engines!)
  • traffic and click analysis modules
  • and more.

Others happen in the foreground, under your control. For example...

  • brainstorming hundreds of related, profitable keywords
  • site-building with total flexibility and control
  • e-zine publishing and mailing
  • and more.

Bottom line...

SBI! does it all... it's the only all-in-1, step-by-step system of process-and-software that delivers profitable online businesses. Everything that you need to grow an e-business is built-in...

  • Action Guide (follow its business-building process)
  • All the tools, everything from the best keyword and niche-choosing software to unique mobile site-optimizing tools (execute each step with skill)
  • Constant updates/upgrades of business-building information and tools (stay ahead of competitors, effortlessly)
  • SiteSell Support (we're there for you with round-the-clock caring)
  • SBI! Forums (thousands of motivated, positive people gather to lend each other helping hands in over 70 e-business forums that cover every conceivable topic).

And when you do realize that SBI! does it all... well, we're hoping that you'll consider using SBI! itself for your business-building efforts.

Click here for full SBI! information.

Ready? It's time to register and search for matches...


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